Your home, our kitchen.

Welcome to Yolk. We’re a new luxury restaurant delivery service with a new way of bringing London’s most exceptional and fine food straight to your door.

Haven’t ordered already? The Yolk’s on you.

We are a fine-food delivery service operating exclusively in central London.

That means we're catering for people who eat out a lot. You know your food. Just because you’re ordering food in doesn’t mean you should compromise – anymore than you would when choosing a restaurant.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The way we see it, we’re your personal chefs.

You decide what you want. Our chefs – and they are some of the capital’s most renowned – can help, propose, suggest. They know what’s seasonal, what’s new, what’s exciting. They’re working for you.

Those chefs aren’t the compromising types either. We needed to convince them that the dishes they create will arrive as fresh and at the same temperature as if you were in the restaurant...

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Amazing meal and great experience.


Sushi London


Really impressed by the wonderful service!


Babbo London


Our pizza seemed hotter when it arrived than when it left the restaurant. 


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Our Technology

We’ve invested in a uniquely versatile heating system for our bikes. Our flexible heaters actively control the temperature, optimised for the dish they’re transporting, whether that is hot, up to 60°c, or chilled, down to 15°c. 

Interesting fact: a target temperature of 70°C works for most dishes, according to the research we conducted with the restaurants. The silicone heaters we use can deliver temperatures up to 260 degrees.

Some do, indeed, like it hot.

Our riders are your waiters.
This isn’t a delivery service. It’s room service

London streets

Where we deliver

Central London:

5-mile radius of Berkeley Square

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