Yolk. Let’s get to the good bits.

You’re busy people. You haven’t got time to waste on ordinary. 

So welcome to Yolk, a new app that puts you directly in touch with some of the UK’s outstanding creative talents in culinary excellence.

Restaurant Chef

It starts with the restaurants….

You live in London, one of the most hyper-connected and respected foodie cities in the world. You can order whatever dish you want, whenever you want.


Some of the very best restaurants have steered clear of the food delivery trend in the past. We spoke to the owners and the chefs. They were pretty clear. They stand and fall by the quality of their ingredients, the genius of the cooking and the meticulous way they present their creations. Tepid, soggy food in polystyrene boxes wasn’t going to do it for them.


So we talked. We talked about our heating technology and our app (see below). We talked about the training we give our drivers. We talked about the Yolk brand, and our own uncompromising view of what a quality dining experience should be.


And most of all, we talked about you, our customers. You deserve the chance to sample the capital’s best cooking in the comfort of your own home. They, the chefs, deserve the opportunity to showcase what they do so well.


Because try as they might, they can only accommodate so many people in these restaurants at one time. Sure, there are waiting lists. But wouldn't it be nice to get a Ruya meal, or a Crazy Pizza, or a Bao Yum, whenever you want?


Ready to order?

You might be one of those people who takes one glance at the menu and makes an instant decision. Or you might be someone who changes your mind three times while the waiter is standing at the table.


It doesn’t matter.

As soon as you’re ready to go, Yolk is ready to go.


We’re app developers. It’s what we do. We’ve been fine-tuning the tech ever since 2007 – that’s a lot of experience in app years.


Great tech is tech you don’t notice. So ordering your meal should be as intuitive as – well, choosing from an old-style menu. You shouldn’t have to think about it.


Because we have. We’ve designed a simple interface in signature black and Yolk-yellow colours. In not much more time than it takes your brain (specifically the hypothalamus, in case you’re interested) to produce the two proteins that say ‘I’m hungry’ you’ll have selected your restaurant, chosen your dish, checked our delivery map, and put in your order.


The doorbell rings...

…or buzzes, or plays the tune from your favourite sitcom.


Whatever. Your food is here.


Can we just take you back a step?


It’s taken a lot of hard work and innovative technology to get your food to you in exactly the same state that it left the kitchen.


Excuse us while we geek out. We’ve designed adjustable trays that can be configured to suit the dish you ordered. After all, a starter plate of dim sum isn’t the same as a large sea bass filet with crushed potatoes and two sides of greens. Inside the delivery box, there are flexible silicone heat pads which work alongside the heated walls of the container to regulate the temperature.


In short, you shouldn’t need to throw the whole shebang in a microwave. Not only is nuking the food not necessary, it might upset the chef. And we try very, very hard not to upset chefs.


Chefs are control freaks. So are we. But now it’s over to you. Your music, your table, your lighting, your wine (or non-alcoholic alternative), your finest cutlery and china.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.